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Plastic part design


Our engineering department collaborates closely with customers in developing the part, providing solutions to improve the best injection mould performance and quality of the part.

We develop prototype injection moulds of one cavity for individualized treatment according to customer needs, on which we apply the same technology as in industrial moulds so as to simulate the performance, tolerances and finishes of the production mould as accurately as possible.  





At our technological centre, we test and set up all our molds. The quality of our machinery, as well as a complete cooling system enable us to verify comprehensively all injection parameters, work cycles and other aspects agreed with our customers.



In order to improve the performance of the mold and obtain the minimum cycle time, many resources are devoted to research and development, such as the improvement of hot runners, cooling circuits, or the choice of materials and adequate surface treatment.

At the customer's request, and thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to produce pre-series which allow us to control the mols performance for a longer period of time.

At our technological center, we test all molds and carry out the set up.

The high quality of our machines, as well as a comprehensive cooling system, enable us to thorouglhly verify all injection parameters, work cycles,... agreed with the customer.



Our facilities are prepared to rapidly receive and adapt an injection machine, and peripheral robots provided by our customer, in order to put the mold and the production process ready.

The company's philosophy is based on offering our customers integral solutions with automated processes, in order to optimize the production system and meet their needs.

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