09 May 2019
Mechanization degree students visit Matrix Injection Molds factory

Mechanization degree students visit Matrix Injection Molds factory

Mechanization degree students from Institut de Vic has visited Matrix headquarters. Josep Sitjar, production manager, has explained metal and steel transformation in moldmaking process.
Students has enjoyed the visit, they has taken the opportunity to see the best cnc milling and grinding machinnery working

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11 Apr 2019
Vic University students visit Matrix S.A. Injection Molds and tools

Automotive Engineering students visit Matrix S.A. Injection Molds and tools

Matrix S.A. has received the visit of the Automotive Engineering degree students (Vic University): a degree specialized in sector tendencies and in the application of the emergent technologies in the automotive sector.

In Matrix S.A, Injection Molds, we are a collaborative company for dual training and we like to show tomorrow professionals the tools and procedures we have to design and manufacture injection molds and press dies. If you are from a school center and want to visit our facilities, send an email to or call 972 70 03 58

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05 Apr 2019

K: The World's n1 trade fair for plastics and rubber

You'll find us at K Exhibition (Düsseldorf, Germany) 16-23 October.
The biggest plastic trade fair in the world. Stay tuned, we have some big ideas to show you

Matrix S.A. High precision injections molds since 1974

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08 Mar 2019

International Women's Day

The road to total equality is still long but as a contemporary society we must still fight together. Matrix SA pays homage to the women of the staff for their permanent dedication and passion that make Matrix a better company. Thanks girls, you make us better!

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12 Feb 2019

Tooled for successful injection moulds

The company is known for using the most advanced technology in CAD/CAM/CAE. For the last year, Matrix has put its trust in a GLOBAL Performance 7.10.7 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to ensure the quality of its workpieces. This CMM, characterised by its high level of accuracy and scanning speed, has sparked a radical change in the manufacturing processes at Matrix.

Jesús Ramos, director of quality, and his metrologist Oscar Pérez, are the GLOBAL Performance users and they note that, “During the months since we have had the machine, we have noted a considerable reduction in the tests that we have to carry out on the moulds in order to pass quality control inspections... The machine is very reliable, particularly regarding repetitive tasks. The measurements remain virtually constant, regardless of the number of repetitions.”

Read full case of study 

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08 Jan 2019
Matrix is the mould maker of Voltaren package.

Voltaren applicator wins the most important packaging award in the world: the Worldstar 2019.

Voltaren applicator wins the most important packaging award in the world: the Worldstar 2019.

Matrix SA, as the applicator mould maker, congrats GSK and Nypro for this amazing prize. Moreover, Voltaren packaging has won another three awards in 2018  (Pharmapack, Dow, ETMA). 

Worldstar awards are conceding by World Plackaging Organisation (WPO). WPO is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations. All winners will be recognised in an Awards Gala Ceremony on May 15, 2019, in Prague, Czech

"VOLTAREN “No Mess” is the first applicator on a pain relief product containing an active ingredient. Consumers have now a simple and hygienic way of applying the gel without touching it. Unlike the industry-standard roll-on or sponge applicators it has been designed to avoid overdosing with an easy closing feature."  Voltaren can it known as Voltarol or Voltadol in some countries.

We are proud to be supplier of this winner project, our dutty is to provide the best injection moulding solutions for our costumer.  

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04 Dec 2018
IQNet quality systems certificate for injection mould and dies production

IQNet certificate quality systems for injection mould and dies production

Matrix S.A., manufacturer of plastic injection moulds and press dies, has renewed the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the next 2 years.
Aenor, the main certifier of Spain, has carried out the corresponding audits of all the procedures of the activities carried out in Matrix S.A.
The issue of the seal of quality by AENOR means obtaining the IQNET seal that internationally certifies our activity as designers and manufacturers of moulds and press dies.

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23 Oct 2018
 IMA+O plastic injection mould by Matrix

Case of study: IMA+O injection mould by Matrix

In Mold Assembly and Overmolding Injection mould (IMA+O) designed and manufactured by Matrix is case study for Ewikon corporate magazine. Ewikon is the supplier of the hot runner system.

Matrix developed a complex 6+6+6-drop 3-component mould. The concept allows the production of two single parts and their precise and leakproof connection by overmoulding with a third component in one moulding cycle. The demanding mould design which uses two rotating index plates required a tailored hot runner solution which was supplied by EWIKON

To read the full article download the magazine, just click in the box below


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18 Oct 2018
Matrix Injection Moulds has been involved in this project

New Voltaren applicator wins packaging industry awards

Matrix are proud to has been involved on this project, the success of our customers and partners it is not only a satisfaction it is also our duty.
New Voltaren Mess applicator (GSK Laboratories) has been awarded with three awards from the packaging industry: 

· Pharmapack Award 2018
· Tube of the Year 2018 of European Tube Manufacturers Association
· Dow Packaging Award 2018. 

We want to congratulate the supply companies involved in this success, Nypro and Neopoac. If you want to see how the new applicator works just watch next video

Know what Matrix Injection Mould can do for your business, visit us at Fakuma Exhibition this week (16-20 Oct) at Hall A7 Booth 7123 and discover the latest tech capabilities in injection moulding. 

For appointments with Manel Petit, head of sales, please send an e-mail to, we will delighted to attend you.

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03 Oct 2018

Visit us at our new brand booth at Fakuma 2018

Do you like Matrix booth?
Countdown to Fakuma (Friedrichshafen, Germany), tuning up our booth for the exhibition. Visit us from 16 to 20 october in Hall A7 Booth 7123.  Discover the last injection moulding solutions for Flip Top closures with IMC under 10sec or our IMA-O (in Mould Assembling 3K) created by Matrix S.A.   Are you looking for an appointment with our head sales Manel Petit Sariol ? Send a mail to . Fakuma will be orange!

Matrix Plastic Injection moulds from the hearth of Pyrenees 

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17 Sep 2018

Matrix will be at Fakuma 2018

Matrix SA, will be at the important european fair of the plastic and packaging sector Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The appointment is from 16 to 20 October 2018. You will find our exhibition in Hall A7 / Booth 7123, discover the latest solutions in plastic injection moulds for the packaging industry:  2k & 3k with IMC, stack moulding, indexing plates and the most precision moulding technology.  If you want to arrange a visit during the fair you can send us an email to We will be delighted to attend you.

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29 Aug 2018
Matrix mould maker in Instagram

Matrix, mould ans press dies maker, on social Media.

Matrix S.A are plastic injection moulds and progressive dies maker since 1974, we invite you to know a little more about our work and products. We show you the production processes with high precision technology. If you like industrial design and the secrets of how molds and dies are made, just follow us:

​Youtube Matrix S.A. channel
Instagram @matrixsolutions
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